Taking the light of Jesus into places of darkness
and preaching from the house tops what we
hear inthe inner rooms…

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An online resource library of great Christian
classics from authors such as Jonathan
Edwards, Richard Baxter, John Owen and
Charles Finney…

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CS Church Plants

How Christian Soldiers establishes churches in 
places of darkness and takes ground from
our ancient unsleeping enemy in the name
of Jesus and for the glory of God…

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Survival Guides

Christian survival guides for young people teaching
them how to stay pure, stay safe and follow Jesus
through the temptations and trials of the world
to heaven…


Short sermon clips of well-known preachers with
background music added as well as images making
for powerful short sermon videos…

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Children Ministry 

Bringing the children to Jesus Christ while they are
young and before the seeds of sin are developed in
them and thorns...

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