Our objectives as Christian Soldiers is to raise up groups of people that are self-denying soldiers who are serious about

the saving of souls and willing to spend their lives as bondservants of the King of heaven.  

christian soldiers objectives 1

Men who love Jesus above pleasures, above family, above possessions, above honours, above profit and above life


Men who are faithful to every truth in God's word and that do not compromise that truth to please this sinful world.

Men who are separate from all that is sinful or questionable.

Men who keep their bodies and spirits pure and holy.

These men must have holiness unto the Lord stamped upon all they do.

These spiritual soldiers are to live by the highest degree of Christian honour, they are to have no friendship with the

world but must maintain the enmity which there is between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent.

They are to spend their lives as soldiers in enemy territory fighting for the Kingdom which is not of this world.christian soldiers objectives 2

They are to fight against those systems that have rejected Jesus Christ and are geared to honouring sin, sensuality and

exalting man while dishonouring the Lord that made them.

These men must be committed to the cause of Christ and be faithful unto death, giving their lives to Christ without

reserve and surrendering them to His rulership, knowing that a seed remains alone but if it falls into the ground and dies

it produces much grain.

With these soldiers we intend to turn the places we live upside down and bring the world who lives for its own pleasures

to instead live for God's good pleasure.

Those who live by these principles are Christian Soldiers.objectives of christian soldiers 3

They are born to war and each one must fight in this spiritual battle for the souls of men and the glory of God with the spiritual weapons God has

given him, enduring hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, armed with a mind to suffer.


Those who enlist are expected to live by The Creed of a Christian Soldier and our Standing Orders.




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