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The Creed of a Christian Soldier


I am a Christian Soldier. 

I live to see Jesus glorified and His word upheld in my life, home, workplace and city. 

As His servant and soldier, my highest attainment is doing the will of the Master, and being faithful to the charge that He has given me – even unto death, if that need be.

My life is surrendered to His command and He may use me, just as He sees fit.

I give myself fully to the work of His kingdom: saving the lost, freeing the bound, pulling down idols, standing against evil and glorifying my Master’s name.


For this, I labour, give, fast and pray.


For Jesus Christ I live.

For His truth I strive.

For holiness I hunger.

For His kingdom I fight.

For His lost children I seek.

I lay aside every weight and sin that hinders me in the battle; and I strive to keep myself pure, and to live in His Presence. 

I count my flesh, the fallen system of humanity called the world, and all the works of the devil as my sworn enemies – against which I will spend my life fighting. 

I esteem earthly treasures, honours and pleasures as dust and dung, knowing that eternal rewards await all the King’s soldiers. 

I will endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and carry on in my duty, regardless of the suffering or hardships I am called upon to endure. 

I will suffer persecution willingly, knowing that a servant is not above his Master. 

I forsake the world and all the pleasures, treasures and praises that it offers; and for this cause and for this King, I lay down my life, my body and my possessions. 



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