A Christian Soldier’s standing orders. 

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1. Obey immediately in all things the written word of God, your conscience and His voice.


2. Never give into temptation or entertain sinful thoughts; remember that eternal blessings wait on the other side of every beaten temptation. So, when Satan tempts you to stop what you are doing;  go to prayer and fight against it, until the temptation is beaten and its hold is destroyed.


3. Don’t give in to passivity; but be zealous for the Lord, your duties as a soldier and the exposing of sin.


4. Do nothing without meeting Christ in the morning and go not to sleep, before making your petitions and fighting in the Spirit to win ground from hell’s kingdom.


5. Do what is for God’s glory, not your own pleasure, profit or desire.


6. Strive after holiness, purity and be separate from all that is evil or questionable.


7. Live by the highest degree of Christian honour.


8. Don’t seek the praise, approval, or fellowship of man; but rather desire God’s approval.


9. Keep spiritual and eternal things in mind – and not earthly things.


10. Be thankful and rejoice in your Lord, the risen glorified Christ – in spite of what happens around you.


11. Think often and be motivated by the eternal rewards for obedience, sacrifice and suffering for the Master and the eternal consequences to yourself and others for disobedience.


12. Don’t waste time, use it in the most profitable manner for the kingdom of God.


13. Live with all your might for God and His kingdom, word and will; never be lazy.


14. Set a guard over your mouth; and speak only what is holy and noble and honourable


15. Make a covenant with your eyes; and look not at things that are sinful or that can draw you into sin.


16. Don’t be curious about things that don’t concern the kingdom of God or yourself.


17. Cast away anything that hinders the race and break free from the entanglements of life on earth.


18. Increase in your love for Jesus: put Him first and Him only.


19. Seek your own in nothing but the Master’s will in all things, living each day as a faithful servant of God, and doing your duty always.


20. Practise self-control in all things and over all your faculties; so that you and your body may truly belong to God alone.


21. Devote your life, actions and possessions to Christ; and have no other end, but the Master’s will.


22. Increase in knowledge and the application of the word of God.


23. Be faithful and honest in all your dealings – and especially to the word of God.


24. Cultivate and cherish the holy Presence of Christ; and remain in unbroken fellowship with Him throughout the day.


25. Have a love for souls and spend your life seeking them for the King, regardless of what hardships you must endure.


26. Keep your heart from turning to its own selfish desires and wants; and fight against the coldness, dryness and selfishness that dwell there.


27. Never slacken the fight against the darkness around you and within you.


28. Do not act in revenge towards those that have wronged you; and do nothing out of malice.


29. See that Christ is always more precious and valuable to you than anything in this world.


30. Pray before all major decisions; and follow God’s guidance, regardless of the difficulties attached. 


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