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Schools are not places of safety and righteousness; they are places of temptation filled with pornography, violence, alcohol and drugs.

We have grief-stricken and burdened hearts for the circumstances in which many of the world’s young people grow up.

Gross spiritual and physical dangers surround them.

They are in the midst of powerful temptations, which they face daily.

They stand before a flood of iniquity, which is being poured out upon this earth (Rev. 12:15).

In some schools, the police come every break time to guard the children from robbers, drug sellers and other students.

In Cape Town, some schools have a permanent police presence. The police stay at the school the whole day. Children grow up in that environment knowing nothing else.

Martin Luther many years ago said: ‘I am afraid that the schools will become the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth’.

This has come to pass in our day. The schools are dens of iniquity, where children are corrupters (Isa. 1:4) and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (2Tim. 3:4).

Since they took Christian education out of the schools, there has been a steady descent into debauchery. If you take away light, it is inevitable that darkness enters.

In the Eastern Cape, there has been an ongoing and severe shortage of teachers, with some schools being short of as many as five teachers.

We, through the grace of the Lord Jesus, have been granted an open door through this, together with an opportunity for us to see thousands of youth a week at schools in the Eastern Cape – by sending workers to fill in for the missing teachers, and preaching to the children, who have no teacher for the day.

The Western Cape does not have the same staffing problem; but through the mercy of our Lord Jesus, doors have also been opened for us permanently, to visit schools constantly, and to instruct them in the ways of Jesus; teaching them to remember their Creator in the days of their youth before the difficult days come (Eccl. 12v1).

We have two programs which we teach at schools: in the hope that we can shut the gates of hell; and through the knowledge of Jesus Christ show the children the way to the gate of heaven (John 10:7-10).

The two programs we present are the following (click on the link for more information on the program’s history, an overview, and how it is implemented, or simply download the manual).

The principals and teachers see the rampant sin, rebellion, teenage pregnancies, drug use and gangsterism, which are wrecking their schools and their learners; and they are happy to have help in dealing with them. We are more than happy to give them that help.

Some schools phone us, and ask us to address the problem grades, the new grade 8’s and the leaving grade 12’s; but our main work at schools is in presenting our two biblical programs, which deal with the whole spectrum of problems, temptations and dangers a child will face in growing up and in early adulthood.

The program sets out steps to survive the pitfalls, and to end up safely in the courts of our God.

We show these confused children that the only life worth living is a life spent in the service of Jesus.

We see wonderful results and powerful workings of God in our services at various schools and praise Jesus for His mercy in giving us such a precious opportunity, as well as blessing the work we do in His name.

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