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evangelism in cape flats 

We desire to imitate the example Jesus gave us by Him leaving the glories of heaven and coming to this dusty world – and then giving His life as a sacrifice to save others.

He denied Himself and came to seek His lost sheep (Luke 19:10).

We, out of love for Him leave our comforts and comfort zones and go into the red danger zones, in order to seek His lost sheep; we seek those sheep who are born in darkness and live in darkness among savage wolves.

If we love Jesus, we manifest our love for Him by feeding His lambs, by seeking and tending to His flock (John 21:15-17).

While we understand not everybody is called or able to go into certain areas and places, we know the wilderness into which we were sent; and we also know that there will be toil until the day is finished, and the reward is received.

Others should seek the lambs in their areas, as well as supporting those who go to the field.

We take the light of the gospel in words and works to places of darkness in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

In obedience to the command of Jesus to go and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15), we go to those who sit in the shadow of death, bound in afflictions and chains (Psalm 107:10-22) and offer them freedom and life through Jesus.

This is how we shine the light in the world around us that is dark – and we do so by lifting up the words, works and the Person of Jesus, who is the Light of the world.

We do not allow sinners to sin in comfort; but we lift our voices like trumpets and tell the people their transgressions (Isa 58:1).

There is none who seeks after God (Rom 3:11); the people don’t come looking for Jesus; but it is Jesus by His Spirit who moves His servants and goes looking for them.

Richard Baxter, that great English puritan, said ‘He that will let a sinner go down to hell for want of speaking to him, doth set less by souls than did the Redeemer of souls; and less by his neighbour, than common charity will allow him to do by his greatest enemy.

O, therefore, brethren, whomsoever you neglect, neglect not the most miserable!

Whatever you pass over, forget not those poor souls that are under the condemnation and curse of the law, and who may look every hour for the infernal execution, if a speedy change does not prevent it.

O call after the impenitent, and ply this great work of converting souls.’ Evangelism is how we fill the army’s ranks.

Most of our soldiers who have turned from their sins and taken up the cross and follow Jesus with us we met somewhere during our evangelism.

All our members are new converts and not adoptions (taken from another church).

Street evangelism is our modus operandi to expand into new areas.

We go into a new area and preach to the people one on one; or we speak to them in small groups, as they gather in the alleys and street corners and in medium-sized groups, as they gather. Those that are converted, if they are unemployed, are expected to join the war effort as volunteers.

Those who are employed still attend meetings in the evenings and at weekends, and do what work they can to further the cause.

Those that are converted then meet at the house of whoever has repented and shown the fruits of repentance; and that is then the base from which we work in that area, forming the converts into church plants.

A leader is put over them; and they are then to launch their own attacks and gather a workforce.

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