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Church plants start with us taking our workers into a new area and preaching to the people.

From those who have repented and bear the fruits of righteousness, we select one who has a house that is central in the area; and where there aren’t many disturbances (as some are converted; but they live in an overcrowded house with others, many of whom are still drunkards or drug users).

We then use that house as our assembly point and gather there.

After a few months of monitoring the new recruits, we select a leader; and he is appointed to watch over the flock (Acts 20:24-31), and to lead them in righteousness (1Cor. 15:34) and to seek those which stray, as well as gathering in the lost (Luke 14:15-35).

The leader must grow in the knowledge and application of the doctrines of grace, as well as growing his group and developing them into righteous vessels (2Pet. 1:2, 2Tim. 2:21).

The foundation manual we use to structure and organize these churches are Charles Finney’s Lectures on Revivals, which sets out what new converts are to be taught, hindrances to the work, prayer meetings, growing in grace and various other necessary things, which we recommend for use by any church that seeks to shape itself to a reformed biblical pattern.

Also Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor, which sets out how a pastor should work in the service of Jesus. 

These books are available for download and free use directly from our library hosted off our Menu bar under Resources. 

A church plant starts meeting in a house, having prayer meetings, bible studies and church services; and from that base, they are to evangelize those around them.

When one group or house is full; the leader of that group is to choose the most faithful and able person, who has been attending his meetings and whose life is the closest pattern to the biblical criteria (1Tim. 3:1-13) for a Christian spiritual worker.

This man is then to set up and start a house church in a separate house.

Each group meets together at their appointed house for meetings during the week: where they pray together, do bible studies, and go out and evangelize their communities.

The areas we work in are all poor areas, although some are more poor than others.

Almost none of the inhabitants have cars; so, if they must travel any distance, they must use taxis (which many can’t afford due to high unemployment).

Or if it is a short distance they are to travel, they must walk.

This is dangerous with the amount of violence that is perpetuated, especially for the women and the youth.

As the areas we work in are filled with violence and gangs, we do not like the people – especially the ladies and the young ones to walk far from their houses at night.

This prevents us from having meetings, where all join together; since by the time the services during the week are finished, the taxis have stopped riding. Additionally, a large amount of money is required for these poor people to ride a taxi a few times a week to services; so if people must travel far, we hire taxis and fetch them at their meeting houses and take them to the larger services.

For these reasons, in certain areas we keep them in house churches, as the meeting place is near to them and they have personal care and oversight.


In Helenvale, where we started, we had five of these groups after three years, each with their own leader and each working to win souls.

If circumstances allow, when a few groups are full; they then move to a school classroom; and when the school classroom is full; they move to a hall and grow the workforce.

We believe every believer is supposed to work; every hand must be on deck; every able-bodied person must man a post; and this we instill in them.

Each group’s mission and focus is seek the lost, bring them to repentance, teach them God’s truth, and lead them to battle against the works of Satan in the areas where they live.

Those who join the work, are trained to live by the highest level of biblical righteousness and to stand against evil in all its forms.

It is our hope and plan to gather all the groups from various areas into single venues in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town;

At the moment, we don’t have the resources to bring them all together; since we must pay for taxis to fetch all of them; as we believe it is our responsibility to get them home safely in the warzones in which they live.


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