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A generation has arisen in RSA and around the world that does not know the Lord (Jdg. 2:10); they are not interested in instituting righteousness in their homes; they do not care for the service of God; and they are willfully blind and ignorant of what God expects of them as men.

They do not want to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold of eternal life (1Tim, 6:12), or strive to bring their family onto a biblical pattern.


The generations that have lived for the glorifying of the name of Jesus are dead, buried and in heaven.


Those left upon the earth are besotted with sex and sports; they spend the strength of their lives chasing the vain shadows of money and power. Instead of waging war against Satan; they wage war on the PlayStation; or instead of doing heroic deeds for the great Captain of our salvation; they watch; they sit on a couch and watch the sinful heroic antics of their movie heroes; while the grip of death tightens on their country and area.

In generations gone by, you wouldn’t be accepted into church membership if you did not diligently keep family devotions.

Today, you can hardly find a single household in a whole area where family devotions are kept, daily prayers are made and the corrupting influences of the TV and ungodly music are kept out the house.

The TV and trash on the internet have taken the place of the bible; and there is a generation alive today that knows nothing but that which the TV and popular music has told them.


The man’s duty of bringing his family up in the fear of the Lord, and being the household priest, is unfulfilled (1 Pet. 2:9).


The lighting of the lamp of God's word and burning the sweet incense of prayer – morning and evening – is no more. Other altars have taken the place in the homes and lives of these men.

Many boys are womanizers and misusers of women; they are alcohol drinkers and drug takers. We cry out with the psalmist and say: 'Help O Lord for the godly man ceaseth’ (Psa. 12:1).

Schools have become violent drug dens. Children are corrupters (Isa. 1:4). In some communities, all the men are self-serving sinners, looking to their own cabins; while the ship sinks.

After some time of watching the youth carry on in this cycle of sin and further it; we saw the roots out of which this system of sin grows and the streams that feed this river, which bears down with great force upon these youngsters ruining them and making them the instruments to ruin others.

Add to this boiling pot, a high unemployment rate, a gang culture that is a few generations old and deeply rooted in communities and mindsets.

Young men are from young taught that women are objects to be used.

In some gangs, the initiation is to be part of the gang rape of a girl; the new member must deceive and lead the naïve girl into their clutches and participate in the attack. 


In this darkness, the men are silent, they are mute. 


They live in fear of being ostracized or victimized for standing against evil; so they silently tolerate sin. We teach these youths to rather die a hero than live a coward.

We have developed a battle plan that puts the axe to the roots, from which all these fruits grow out. 

We put together a biblical program for these lost violent youths looking for acceptance and identifying with crime, and evil teaching them to be real men that stand against evil.

We teach them to be soldiers and enlist under the banner of Jesus Christ and endure hardness as good soldiers (2 Tim. 2:3), knowing that heaven watches; and they will be rewarded with eternal medals if they follow Jesus into the battle and faint not, nor turn back (Heb. 10:38).

Any dead fish can be washed with the stream; it takes life and power to swim against the stream of immorality, of using women as objects, of being a follower of the ways of sin.

It takes great courage to stand up when all other bow and declare that Jesus alone is to be served and to manifest that in one’s deeds. 

We teach these young men to follow the greatest Man who ever lived, the King of heaven who came to the earth to show us the way to heaven and teach us what a valuable life is, and how we are to walk in this world of darkness. 


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